American Heart Association Pediatric First Aid

The American Heart Association Pediatric First Aid is a Classroom Course This course is designed to meet the regulatory and credentialed training requirements for child care workers.

American Heart Association Pediatric First AID/ CPR/ AED

  • This course teaches basic first aid, CPR, and AED skills for children such as: • What to do when a child or infant has a breathing problem • Giving compressions and breaths to an infant or child • Stopping bleeding that can be seen • First aid basics • Medical emergencies • Injury emergencies • Environmental emergencies - CPR and AED use
  • Course Length: Approximately 5 Hours Depending On Number Of Participants
  • Course Cost: $115.00 Per Person

Who Should Take This Course

The primary target audience for this course is child care workers and those who work in nursery, pre- and elementary schools. However, we anticipate that many additional target audiences who need to complete pediatric first aid for their job will take the course. These audiences include, but are not limited to, coaches, activity and recreation leaders, dance and gymnastics instructors, Scout leaders, adoptive and foster parents, and those who work in shelters and homes that serve children.

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